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Sturdey helps Seniors stay active and agile
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Formulated to Help Lower the Risk of Falls for Seniors

💊 60 Capsules
💪 Magnesium for Muscle Dexterity
🦴 Calcium for Bone Integrity
🩻 Vit. D3 for Metabolic Health

The Fall Prevention Formula is tested for purity, verified by research, and made with bioavailable 'citrate' compounds. They're more expensive and your body absorbs them better.

The Vitamins & Minerals Your Bones & Muscles Need to Stay Sturdey!

Who We Are

I'm Melissa, a kinesiologist on a mission to help seniors live actively.

I am known as The Fall Prevention Coach, because I teach seniors how to prevent falls. You can research me at

Since 2022, I have visited senior homes teaching seniors how to reduce their fall risk and combat aging. Over and over again, I learned that seniors were not exercising because they (1) were afraid of falling and (2) they didn't enjoy it.

It motivated me to develop tools that any senior could use to protect themself against sarcopenia and falls. This is why I founded Sturdey!

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We Ship From California. Your package will arrive within 5 business days for the contiguous USA.

Free Returns Within 30 Days for Unopened Product. Simply contact us and return your Fall Prevention Formula to the location we send you. Free.

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  • Vit. D3 for Reducing the Chances of Falling

  • Magnesium for Improving Muscle Performance

  • Calcium for Reducing Fractures If You Do Fall

1000s of Seniors Served to Date

Are you deficient in Vit.D, Calcium, or Magnesium?

68% of Americans don't get enough Vitamin D. And 66% don't get enough Magnesium. Don't be average!

If you want to stay active & independent, avoiding the hospital and wheelchair, you can't just exercise. You need proper nutrition too.

This is why I developed this supplement. My passion is helping seniors stay active. For a lot of them, exercise is hard and unenjoyable. But they still want to lower their risk of falls and fractures...

With the Sturdey Fall Prevention Formula, and the Sturdey Reaction Ball for Seniors™️, you can prevent falls without going to the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me?

If you are not on any medications and have no existing medical conditions, the Fall Prevention Formula is safe.

If not, please consult a physician before taking it.

What are the ingredients?

We include a full ingredient list in the photos above.

Will it actually do anything?

We did our research. We looked at the largest studies for fall prevention and concluded these three vitamins and minerals would significantly reduce the risk of falls.

Jacques and I both have science degrees, so we know how to evaluate evidence. Jacques has a degree in pharmacology.

Meta-Analysis Link

What does it cost per day?

It costs 70 cents per day to take the Fall Prevention Formula. Is that worth reducing your risk of falling?

I'm Melissa the Founder, a Kinesiologist on a Mission

My life purpose is educating seniors on how to prevent falls, live actively and combat aging. It makes me happy!

  • More than 1 in 4 older people fall each year, falling once 2x's your chances of falling again.

  • One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.

  • After a hip fracture, an elderly person has a 27% chance of dying within one year

Owned & Operated by Melissa & Her Husband

Jacques and I are both passionate about empowering humans to live healthy lifestyles... while having fun!

Jacques is an international speaker about the science of joy. I am a kinesiologist who educates seniors about fall prevention strategies.

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