• Reaction Time

    Train your brain, battle dimentia.

  • Physical Agility

    Train your body's mobility.

  • Balance & Sturdiness

    Train your physical stability.

  • Motor Skills

    Train your muscle coordination.

Stay Active, Prevent Falls & Have Fun!

If you're looking for something hard, painful, and dangerous, the Sturdey is not for you.

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Play Alone or Enjoy With a Partner

Men and Women use PeeSport for their adventures, for saving time, and for not worrying about the next toilet.

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Created by Melissa, a Kinesiologist On a Mission

I'm Melissa and I travel from senior home to senior home educating them on how to prevent falls & live actively to 100!

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Staying active doesn't need to complicated.

We developed the Sturdey to simplify your approach and make it fun!

If you look at some of the healthiest 100 year olds, they are not going to the gym. Instead, they're socializing, walking, and moving around all day.

The Sturdey is based on the philosophy that physical training doesn't need to feel like exercise. It can be simple, fun, and social.

Yet... still impactful. The Sturdey trains reaction time, balance, agility, and motor skills... ALL IN ONE!

Meet the Founders

We love making healthy living fun. Jacques and I are both passionate about empowering humans to live healthy lifestyles... Most importantly, while having fun!

Jacques educates international audiences about the science of joy as a public speaker. I educate seniors about fall prevention strategies in senior homes across Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age & ability is it for?

The Sturdey is for all abilities. There are exercises and drills for advanced and beginner abilities. Even if you cannot move much, you can still train with the Sturdey.

What is it made of?

The Sturdey is made of lightweight Moon foam, ensuring high bouncibility!

What should I do with it?

There are various drills and exercises you can do. We offer the first 5 exercises free with your purchase.

Why is it uneven?

The irregular surface ensures unpredictable movement, so you can get better training results.